About Us

Dissonant Reverberation Records (D.R) is an independent Gospel record label, hailing from Winston-Salem, North Carolina founded by Taylor Oliphant in 2016. The name is a representation of a supernatural move by God. The definition of dissonant is “harsh” or “clashing.” The definition of reverberation is “the action of a created sound being built and absorbed by objects in the space of the sound created.” Dissonant is a metaphor for clashing with anything that is not of God; the reverberation is God’s spirit, which is within our music, building in the atmosphere and absorbing within the audience of those who (appointed by Him) listen to our music.



Our Mission

The goal of D.R is to enlighten, uplift and motivate all who need a helping hand or motivation. This company is founded heavily on the foundation of God’s principles; inner strength, love and compassion for one another. Our goal is to ensure that all parties involved are encouraged to seek Christ with their whole heart and follow his teachings. We are here to¬ spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through praise and worship. ¬¬¬We plan to be innovators, utilizing our different gifts and talents that God has given us to praise Him, worship Him and give Him the glory. 

Meet the members

Taylor oliphant


Taylor is a senior music major with a concentration in music business at Winston Salem State University. Taylor was born in Mineola, New York and raised in Long Beach, NY. As a teen, she relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina and graduated from Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. While having a profound love for music since a young age, Taylor briefly played the piano at age 5 and started playing the double bass at age 8. At age 13 Taylor decided that she wanted to become a music producer and own her own studio. God gave Taylor the vision for Dissonant Reverberation in 2016 and made the provisions and the way to bring it into fruition. Taylor has a passion for God, growing in Him and spreading the truth about who He is and His word.

Dock Silver III was born in Littleton NC on May 2nd, 1995 to La-Tanga and Dock Silver Jr. His whole life has been dedicated to music at the age of three he began taking drum classes in the David Ausby Sr. school of music. He was the youngest musician David ever taught. He began tweaking Choir parts at the age of eight, trying to see how he could change the parts and still have effective harmony. He soon after learned how to play tuba, and not too long after, he started teaching himself all other brass instruments. He also taught himself how to play bass guitar and piano. He worked under “Carolina Slim” and the “Casino Music Group” fora while on a couple of projects. He has also helped with the production of quite a few concerts for stars such as Ruth La’Ontra, Maurette Brown Clark, Earnest Pugh, Tiquila Wilson, and many more. He now serves as a creative musical mind for Dissonant Reverberation!!!

Dock silver III


Jiná Bush


Hello, my name is Jiná Bush. I am from Jonesboro, Georgia. I am a current graduate from Winston-Salem State University with a BA in Music with a concentration in Music Business. I have served God through music as young as four years old and accepted my call to ministry at age fourteen. My other aspirations are poetry, spoken word performance as well as songwriting. I signed as an upcoming artist with Dissonant Reverberation Records in June 2017. My musical output is along the lines of contemporary gospel and jazz. My desire is to be a constant mouthpiece for God as an advocate to and for His people in every outlet He has gifted me with.